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·    We are not to be held responsible for any loss or damage caused, while making use of the payment methods available on the website in the following cases:-

o    If you are not authorized to carry out the transaction
o    If you exceed the preset limit mutually agreed upon between you and your bank
o    If any payment issues arise
o    If your transaction is declined

·    All the payments made by you for the purchases/services availed will be in kuwaiti dinars and US Dolars. We do not facilitate any transaction where any foreign currency other those would be involved.

·    You may be asked by the seller to furnish ID, address proof, or other supporting documents to verify ownership of the payment instrument furnished by you for purchase. This is an essential process to ensure a safe buying experience to all our users.

·    The payment facility provided on the website is simply a mechanism to ensure the completion of a transaction between a buyer and seller. We will not assume any responsibility for breach of representations and warranties, damage, fraud, non-delivery, non-receipt, non-payment, or non-provision of after sales or warranty services etc. with respect to the products and services displayed on our website.